Case Study


Case Study

A construction management platform to empower the forward-thinking building company

An innovative and forward-thinking building company, Venture Developments specialise in delivering modern, high quality architecturally designed housing with a highly skilled team to guide their customers every step of the way.

Venture Developments

The Situation

Building a new house involves vast amounts of information which is needed by many stakeholders, both internal and external to the business - from the Sales team through Lawyers, Project Managers, Interior designers, sub tradies and of course, their customers.

The Venture team had been using a range of systems and processes to manage new house builds, however, these were becoming inefficient, inaccurate and not up to the usual Venture standard. While the team had been delivering amazing houses, it was becoming clear they had outgrown their systems and they needed to take things to the next level.

The Approach

Our first priority was to become intimately familiar with how the business operated. We spent time with a range of team members from senior executives through front line staff, learning all about what was needed and more importantly why.

Armed with this knowledge we began developing a number of concepts utilising rapid prototyping techniques allowing us to quickly test and iterate on designs until we got to a concept that was right for Venture’s unique set of circumstances.

From there we worked with the senior leadership team to identify the most important features and functionalities required. This was used to create a development roadmap, prioritising getting a working application live and a plan for iterative enhancements thereafter.

Development of the platform was a highly collaborative process, with Venture stakeholders complimenting our cross-functional development team to quickly get the first version ready for release. From there an iterative approach was taken to work through the roadmap, adding features and functionality as driven by business needs.

Web design
Web design
Web design

The Result

The Venture team now have an end-to-end custom construction management platform that functions seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices, allowing real-time access to all the information and tools needed, whether out on the building site, meeting with clients or back in the office.

The platform provides streamlined workflows that are automated where possible, which in combination with smart tools & features provides increased efficiency for the team freeing them to focus on their core roles.

The end to end nature of the platform has allowed for unprecedented data capture from the entire customer lifecycle enabling both operational and strategic use of data to support better decision making throughout the business.

The end result is a platform that is easy to use, saves time, and most importantly will allow the team to harness the benefits of digital. The platform is now fully ingrained in the business and we are continually evolving it to further empower the Venture team.

Mobile & Desktop
Scalable cloud
based infrastructure
Smart Identity and
Access Management
Automated workflow
Case Study - Construction Company

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