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Case Study

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An innovative and forward-thinking building company, Venture Developments specialise in delivering modern, high quality architecturally designed housing with a highly skilled team to guide their customers every step of the way.

Venture Developments

The Situation

Building a new house involves vast amounts of information which is needed by many stakeholders, both internal and external to the business - from the Sales team through Lawyers, Project Managers, Interior designers, sub tradies and of course, their customers.

The Venture team had been using a range of systems and processes to manage new house builds, however, these were becoming inefficient, inaccurate and not up to the usual Venture standard. While the team had been delivering amazing houses, it was becoming clear they had outgrown their systems and they needed to take things to the next level.

The Approach

Our first priority was to become intimately familiar with how the business operated. We spent time with a range of team members from senior executives through front line staff, learning all about what was needed and more importantly why.

Armed with this knowledge we got straight to work in short cycles, allowing us to start delivering results right away while gaining regular feedback. Using rapid prototyping techniques, we quickly iterated through a number of designs until we got to a concept that was right for Venture’s unique set of circumstances.

From there we picked the most important features and functionalities and got to work building version 1. Rather than spending months trying to build a perfect piece of software, we focused on getting the core functionalities up and running, then getting the product in the hands of the Venture team.

A pilot group was selected to start using the new platform in real business situations, allowing us to get invaluable feedback while validating our work to date. The Pilot was a huge success with the small group loving the new way of working so we decided to roll it out to the wider business right away.

Since then we have continued to develop the platform with new features and functionalities added regularly based on real feedback and evolving business requirements.

Web design
Web design
Web design

The Result

The Venture team now have a custom web app that functions seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices, allowing real-time access to all the information and tools needed, whether out on the building site, meeting with clients or back in the office.

We brought together multiple sources of information used by the team into a single cloud database that was designed with the expanding needs of the business in mind. This allowed us to serve up real-time, accurate information to many users simultaneously, while also allowing for integration with other Venture systems.

The end result is a platform that is easy to use, saves time, and most importantly will allow the team to harness the benefits of digital. The platform is now fully engrained in the business and we are constantly evolving it to further empower the Venture team.

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Realtime Cloud
Smart Identity and
Access Management
Automated workflow
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